Before:  This was a built in cabinet that was only accessible from the dining room; see next picture.  This was nothing but a bulky box in the kitchen side.

Before:  She had a built in cabinet that she wanted taken out, she felt like doing this would open up the feel of her small kitchen.  This is the dining room side of the cabinet. 

After:  The built in cabinet was removed, we were able to make a bar area in the pass thru.  This is the kitchen side where her portable dishwasher was at before.

Before:  She had no cabinets around the stove area other than a single blind corner base cabinet that opened up under the counter top to the right of the stove.

After:  We added cabinets around her stove; installing a microwave vent even.

This picture shows the kitchen side of the pass thru along with the new stove area.  We also added some lighting in her kitchen and her vinyl flooring was replaced with a more updated style of vinyl.

Before:  She wanted a dishwasher but didn't want to go thru the expense of getting all new cabinets for this side of the kitchen.

After:  She had her existing cabinets painted and we altered the base cabinet right of the drawer base so a built in dishwasher could be installed.  New Laminate countertops were installed.


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